Major objectives for the Finuas Networks Programme

A number of specific objectives have been identified for the initiative. These are:

  • to promote an enterprise-led approach to learning within the international financial services sector through the establishment of Finuas networks where groups of enterprises can develop strategic answers to their joint training needs
  • to develop the skills of existing staff and expand the pool of high value, specialised and market-appropriate skills within the industry
  • to increase the supply and mix of current training and education provision and create flexible learning opportunities
  • to make available new or revised industry-specific course materials, programmes, modules and awards that are aligned to identified business/market needs
  • to enable strategic high level education provision, to be newly created or updated, in line with industry developments and provide opportunities for specialisation
  • to put in place a flexible process, which can respond rapidly to industry changes or developments
  • to create value-added training by promoting best international practice within the training, including impact measurement, benchmarking and strategic approaches to learning and development
  • To support job-seekers in updating their skills, networking and increasing their employability through industry-led training